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    Hi All, My wife and I were hoping to be picking up 2 Nucs in a couple of weeks, but we were just notified that our permit from the City of Sturgeon Bay, WI is being contested. To set the stage, we live in a "nice" neighborhood where lawns are heavily fertilized and sprayed and the mulch is...
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    Hello! My name is Haleigh and I'm 13 and looking for ideas for my Agriculture science fair coming in April. I am new to raising bees but my dad raises them so I'm learning. Does anybody have any ideas?
  3. Welcome Forum
    Hello! My name is Haleigh and I'm looking for some agricultural science fair projects that deal with bees. The science fair is in April 2017.
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    In fact, honey bees enable the production of more than 90 commercially grown crops here in the United States.1 Around the world, more than one-third of food production relies on pollination, which is important to understand because, over the past 60 years, the number of honey bee colonies in the...
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    As to what you should do about a beehive on your property: According to the Florida Department of Agriculture (, you have two choices: Have it a) relocated or b) eradicated. If the bees have a friendly temperament, a local beekeeper might relocate the hive. This may...
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    Something that I'd like to make fellow beeks aware of is the presence of a new agricultural pest across the south. The sugarcane aphid, initially discovered in FL in 1971 and then in LA in 1999 in sugarcane fields has recently adapted and is now using milo or grain sorghum as a host plant...
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    Beekeeping is legal in Florida
  8. Bee Forum
    Here's the link: Did someone just mention Greenpeace elsewhere? :)
  9. Bee Forum
    Declining bee populations may lead to significant agricultural losses in U.S. by Miranda GreenMay 8, 2013 12:22 PM EDT Nearly one-third of bee colonies perished last winter. A new study suggests the sudden decline in the population could take a big economic toll on the agricultural economy –...
1-9 of 9 Results