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  1. Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    I am new to beekeeping and the bees have been in the hive for one week today. The queen was released day three. Is it too soon to do an inspection and see how things are going? I have read different advice on this saying now is the time to check out the hive and others saying that it is too...
  2. Swarms, Trap-outs, and Cut-outs
    I'm a bit nervous of this one. The first time I saw the pic, I figured a 3-4lbs swarm had bunched up on the guy's eve. But when I showed up it's open air comb hung on the eve. It's been there 3 months, and its 2 foot tall, maybe a foot wide. So I didn't bring enough boxes (like a newb). 2...
  3. Swarms, Trap-outs, and Cut-outs
    Hi, About a year ago some bees started using a tree in my front garden that contains a hole as a hive. Over that last few months there's been a lot more activety and there is a strong smell of honey around the tree. I've decided to try and set up a hive and was going to somehow extract the...
1-3 of 3 Results