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    Today by chance I went by one of my hives and noticed a cluster of bees on the ground. Thinking they had caught an errant wasp or bumble bee I suited up and took a closer look. I found a queen within all the bees. I placed her in a queen catcher and started to ponder a solution. I called a...
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    Hi everyone! I have two walkaway splits (one Italian, one Carni) in single medium 10 frame boxes that have struggled to make queens. The Italian hive made 2 or 3 queen cells after the initial split, but after a few weeks there were open queen cells and no queens. I’ve given them a frame of...
  3. Beekeeping 101
    After requeening two hives (my first attempt at this), I left them alone for a week, then went in this morning to check and see if the new queens had been released from their cages. The first hive was just fine; the queen was released, and I could even see the her wandering about on a frame...
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    I was thinking of whipping up a pollen patty in the blender with some water and spraying that on some HSC. Has anyone tried that?