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  1. The Queen & Bee Breeding
    I have had some small nucs from swarms that have grown to full strength hives but this will be my first attempt at starting nucs from scratch...rearing queens, getting them mated, and having the nuc build up to a production hive. My intention is to make up three or four nucs to overwinter...
  2. Welcome Forum
    This has been the toughest decision for me to make when it comes to preparing to buy our first 4 italian "small cell" honey bee hives with the goal of expanding to 8 hives next year. The gentleman I'm buying the bees from keeps his in 8-frame hives and swears by them. A good friend of mine has...
  3. Equipment/Hardware
    I switched from the regular 10-frame system to 8 because I couldn't lift the boxes when full. I'm happy with lighter boxes, but have some issues with the system itself. The boxes I got from Humble Abodes (mostly shallows) seem to be a standard size - they fit with bottom boards, excluders...
  4. Bee Forum
    This year I started with 10-Frame and 8-Frame. The 10 Frame colony never drew all 10 frames even with heavy feeding but 8-Frame colony drew all 8 frames. After this experiment, I am leaning heavily in favor of 8-Frame. Now I have a problem. I need to fill the gap that exists in the 10 Frame...
1-4 of 5 Results