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    Finally a bit of relief rom the long confinement. First flight since November. Looking good so far.
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    I've recieved on offer I'm finding hard to refuse. The orchard where I keep my hives wants me to expand. They are even willing to purchase some packages of bees to offset the price of increasing. (I don't charge pollination I am just happy to have a good place for my bees) My question is...and...
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    I have access to totes of sugar that are solid. They weigh a metric ton and would be cheap. Any ideas on how to recover the sugar for making syrup?
  4. Commercial Beekeeping
    From Catch the buzz today. You will note that none of these are neonics! Miticides, Ag Chems and Inert Ingredients A Deadly Mix In A Beehive. Alan Harman Disturbing new research finds four pesticides commonly used to kill mites, insects and fungi – fluvalinate, coumaphos, chlorothalonil and...
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    Has anyone tried fat bee mans jar o pac idea? I'm starting my first hive this year and would like a little honey, but I'm afraid that method would really reduce the honey harvest.
  6. Treatment-Free Beekeeping
    Wondering what to breed from. I've got 5 hives left from my 1st year about to start their 4th year. All have swarmed or superseded at least once over the last 3 years which mean none have their original queen, but rather a daughter or granddaughter of the original queen. Are these considered...
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    What if you gave a hive a continuous supply of oxygen? Serious question,not joking. When you or I are sick the doctor puts us on oxygen,why not bees? I understand that it is out of the scope of an ordinary beek, but have any laboratories or universities considered the idea? Would it help them...
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    I ran across these photos and thought I'd post them again. I put a sugar block on every hive that is in a single or when the cluster is near the top of the hive. 25# cane sugar one quart cider vinegar sprinkle of electrolytes 1-2 T citric acid (Found in your canning dept) splash of pro Health...