Flavored honey with extracts or concentrate
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    Default Flavored honey with extracts or concentrate

    I want to make some flavored honey for sale but use a commercial source such as below. Anybody do this and have an estimate of how much goes in 1 gallon of honey?
    Also people have commented on issues adding things to honey as it violates local food law? Would using a flavoring not be an issue because no chance its going to ferment or add food products to the honey? Any idea in NH what the law is or where to ask?

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    Default Re: Flavored honey with extracts or concentrate

    This is a good place to start. There may be other laws pertaining to the home production and sale of honey. In VA, I cannot sell any honey that has been infused with other flavorings without having an FDA approved kitchen/processing facility. Nor can I sell wholesale without
    said inspection and approval.


    Here is a FAQ list regarding beekeeping and selling hive products in NH.

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    Default Re: Flavored honey with extracts or concentrate

    Can say but in Ohio under cottage law under so many thousands of pounds you are fine. Each state is different

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    Default Re: Flavored honey with extracts or concentrate

    You would have an indredient list on your label.
    Such as
    Honey, flavorings.

    We make flavored honeys in here in PA.
    I think our says:
    Honey, Natural Fruit Extract.


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