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    Hoping we can get some advice...
    We have taken over a family small commercial operation (500 hives). Previously all of the honey was run through an old settling tank with about 5 basket filters.

    In terms of work flow, we usually have a bottle neck there. So I am trying to think of how best to solve this issue moving forward. There are lots of schools of thought filtering vs not filtering.

    Our set up is:
    extractor > in-floor baffled sump > pump to filter tank > settling/bottling tank (the honey is clear at this point)

    I should also note that the filter tanks are on their last legs, so I can have something made up to match or move to a system like the Maxant fry baskets.

    Hope you're all having a good season,

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    Many operations don't bother with filtering, they rely on settling to get all of the stuff out. Since honey is so dense, many operations simply pump spun honey into 55 gallon barrels and let them sit for a few days when bottling day comes up after extraction day.

    If thats not a change you want to make, warming the honey makes it pass a lot faster, but filters get clogged, especially if you are doing honey, which is why people rely on settling. If you NEED to filter, settle first, filter next to get all of the big stuff out first.
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