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    Default failed mating X combine

    Decided to work bees on the strong side doing full deep splits this year. Round one was 100% mating which was odd cause this has been an odd year. Round two was 70% returns. Now I did all my mating out of full deeps. Seeing queen cups with 3-10 eggs in them so laying workers are setting in. Not planning to raise anymore queens. So happens I have a bunch of singles on top of the daughter colonies that are rocking along. I was going to combine and run as 2 queen colonies for awhile. Rather than do that Think I might place these on top of the failed singles. Should I newspaper combine? Just toss them on top and call it a day? Place the queen right singles on the BB's and put the failed on top with or w/o newspaper? Whats your thoughts?

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    Default Re: failed mating X combine

    lots of ways to combine.
    Yes I would do newspaper
    try to not place weak queen rite on strong queenless, than has issues for me.

    Can add to the queen a couple frames a week, and go about it slower.

    can combine to a 2 queen for a while, but I have a couple of 2 queen I am unwinding to give time to get the nest ready for winter.

    I guess I would put the queens on top the Queen less with newspaper combine. Do a couple see how it goes then ramp up.
    if the plan has issues better to not commit too many resources.

    good luck



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