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    I'm a new beek but thankfully under the tutelage of my father-in-law who's been doing it his whole life. This year marks the first time I've kept a hive in my backyard, but it seems to be doing great. My FIL came over this past weekend and we extracted honey for the first time. When I didn't know the difference between honey and brood when looking at the frames we were about to spin, I figured I should find me a forum and start learning the lingo and develop some clue as to what's going on in that mystery box in my backyard.

    Surely my FIL has a wealth of knowledge he will slowly impart to me, and I consider myself lucky to have such a resource, but I worry that some nuance may be lost as english is a second language for him. Hopefully I can fill in the gaps here. I've already spent some time lurking and reading through the stickies and the Beekeeping 101 forum, and decided to make an account.

    Anyway, greetings to those out there. And for those around Chicago (which there seem to be a fair amount here!) I'm in Wheaton.

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    I think you have a DuPage County bee club there you should consider joining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plannerwgp View Post
    I think you have a DuPage County bee club there you should consider joining.
    The Cook Dupage Beekeepers Association meets in Clerendon Hills in good times. There is a Fox Valley club that may be closer. Good luck and have fun.

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    Welcome to Beesource, wheeledgoat.

    First off, it sounds like you have a huge leg up with the help and input of your father-in-law, and I imagine with a few trips into your hive with him, you will easily be able to distinguish between brood and honey and a whole lot more besides.

    I am intrigued by your handle- what's the story on it?

    Best of luck to you- if you were able to take off surplus nectar I'd say your ladies have done very well this year.
    Ecclesiastes 11:4


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