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    My wife has been beekeeping for three years and would like to start selling queens bred from survivor stock as an eventual sideline. A couple of questions:

    1) Where would we find state regulations and requirements for shipping queens out of state (we live in Colorado).

    2) Where are some recommended places to advertise / reach out to beekeepers to let them know we have queens available?

    Thank you!

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    Call your state, really that is the best thing. You might have fees to pay.
    Advertising, anywhere you can i guess. You need to kniw who you are selling to
    If I were you i would take a week and read through this site.

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    Yes, regulations are different in each state, in this state it requires an inspection from the state bee inspector. As for advertising, if your not shipping you may want to try your club. The first year I started selling queens I gave them away, people learned of the product and came back. It also gave me a years worth of practice in timing and sequencing. Good luck!

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    start by selling to your local bee clubs and others in your state. you are likely to have fewer regulations if you are not crossing state lines. Be prepared on what you plan to do if the queen dies during shipment. It happens more often than you'd like. I really only sell locally.


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