Extraction quandary
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    Default Extraction quandary

    I extracted from my three hives a week ago and ran into the following: 2 of the colonies with two supers each had capped honey and no open nectar. The third hive a more open nectar than capped honey. I harvested the two colonies with only capped and elected to leave the third hive to see if they would cap. Fast forward a week later, I went back into the the hive I left the supers on and found more uncapped nectar with a small increase in what was capped. The uncapped is liquid enough that shaking will cause it to come out. I guess my question is, will the bee's cap this? There are close to two supers and if I had to guess, I'd say it's 30% capped and 70% uncapped. My harvest to date has been on the slim side as I feels the wet/cool spring hampered the flow in my area.

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    Default Re: Extraction quandary

    Take the two supers of uncapped nectar and place one each on the other two hives. Sometimes it is just an available workforce thing. I move my supers around a good bit in the lead up to my final extraction of the year in order to get them all capped. Don't worry about blowing off the bees. Just move them with bees in place.


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