Peanuts and Mimosa trees
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    Default Peanuts and Mimosa trees

    I’ve read peanuts were a good source of nectar for bees but have also heard that they didn’t provide much nectar at all. There’s at least a couple hundred acres within a half mile or so from my hives.

    I’ve also read that mimosa trees are good, and there’s lot’s of them around here too.

    What do you guys think? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Peanuts and Mimosa trees

    I don't think bees get any significant amounts of nectar or pollen from peanuts and have never seen them work the blooms. I have seen honey bees on mimosa, but I am not sure what kind of nectar source they actually provide. I do not believe it is very significant. What I have learned, at least in my area of south Alabama, is that the Chinese tallow (called "Japanese Tallow" and "popcorn tree") blooms at roughly the same time as the mimosa does. Bees fill boxes full of Chinese tallow honey. So it has always been hard for me to determine to what degree the mimosa was contributing to the flow. I don't know if Chinese tallow is abundant in your area of Alabama or not.


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