Caged queen without attendants--how long?
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    Default Caged queen without attendants--how long?

    A quick question so I can plan appropriately. In the past, my queens have always had attendants. I'm picking up ten mated queens from a well-known producer tomorrow (they're not too far away). They will be in California mini cages with no attendants. How long will a queen keep that way? Since they ship around the country I'm guessing a queen will survive 24 hours?

    I'll be arriving back around 3 pm, so I know I can install at least some of the queens that afternoon. To be able to install any others within 24 hours, does that seem reasonable? I'm always reading that queens need attendants, but this seems like a slightly different method. Should I prepare a queen bank for overnight?

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    Default Re: Caged queen without attendants--how long?

    My guess is that the breeder will place the queens in a vented box surrounded by nurse bees. Your source for the ProVap 110
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    I got a queen with not attendants this year. The bee supply place said it would not be a problem and it was not. I put it in on Friday morning and released it on Monday night. She is doing great.


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