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    Hello there!
    I am a newbie beekeeper and installed my first hive on May 14th, 2020. So far everything seems to be going well. Approximately 6 of the 8 frames had a decent amount of comb built up on them within the first week or so, when I did my first inspection. I checked in my bottom tray this week and found some mold. I was curious if this is normal or if I should do something to prevent this from happening.

    Thanks !

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    Mold will not harm the bees, once their population increases, they will clean it up. However, this means that they might not have enough ventilation. I would consider using an inner cover with a top entrance cut into it to vent out that excess humidity. If your hive is ion the shade, you can move it out into the sun, but it really is not that big of a deal.
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    Contrarian answer: I think the fact you have a new colony, assume a package, that it is starting to build up into stable colony. The colony is still in great turmoil with un-balanced work forces - especially nurse and clean-up bees; learn the stages of bee's life cycle. Bee patient, do nothing and watch the landing and learn. Do not "go in" to often as it is disruptive and you risk killing the queen. Make sure you have enough brood volume and supers with frames ready to add on.

    "my first hive on May 14th, 2020"

    Top venting, IMO, will put additional stress on the colony especially at your stage. I have now gone more than two years without top vents in an 8-10 hive apiary. My current issue today with large, sensored hives is they seem to dry. But I have no answer for this as it has been wet, foggy and high humidity around here. My bees control their internal environment - when given a chance.

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    I have started running quilt boxes year round due to high humidity and mold problems in my hives. Since I started running quilt boxes I have not had any mold problems. The only adverse effect that I have seen from this is thicker honey.


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