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    I moved beekeeping back to my house from another location. I have a lot of kids, several of which like to raid my tools and or stick a car half in the pole barn to work on it. So the barn is somewhat packed. Doors are left open all the time no matter how many times I tell them to close them. The back of the pole barn in a separate room is my woodworking shop. So on a table I stacked a bunch of deeps and other Bk equipment. Lots of drawn comb. Big mistake.

    Son comes in in a panic, "there are hundreds of bees in the wood shop."

    Major robbing event going on and the florescent light fixtures got left on so the bees went too the light.

    "Close the darn wood shop door and turn off the lights" gets ignored regularly. So turning off the lights and opening a sun ward window worked. Moved the comb frames outside so they can rob properly.

    Don't have a honey house at home yet. Someday......

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    Don't Cha love kids?

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    I was doing some finish work on the outside of my shed. I had all the honey supers full of extracted frames. Not wet, but you know, still some honey residue. As I was working I kept thinking "gee there are a lot of bees around". I have been known to leave a frame out or some other honey covered thing on the shed porch for them to clean for me, but this was way more than usual. You know where this is going.

    So the wife stops by and I mention the bees. She says "have you looked inside?" and of course I left the big door open and it was just a frenzy in there. I just let them have at it. In the evening they all left and I closed it up. Frames are clean now.


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