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    I know beekeepers shouldn't sell sugar syrup the bees store as honey.
    But I've been wondering about the bees moving that capped syrup around in the hive.
    I'm not using an excluder and I'm wondering if the colony will make room for the queen to lay by uncapping and moving that syrup higher up into true honey supers.
    I'm also in the same thought asking if they would make room, or if I should add another box?

    My config now is all 5 frame:

    Medium honey super full capped
    Medium honey super being filled with nectar
    Medium super full with capped sugar syrup
    Deep brood
    Deep brood
    Thinking of adding Medium just to give room.

    So really two questions.

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    Default Re: Funny honey

    sounds like it could get tippy.
    Do you want to stay 5 frame?
    do you want to get increase?

    2 deep and 3 medium, I would either split or move to 8 or 10 frame gear..

    Do you extract? if yes the 2 supers of honey could be extracted, and replaced back on the hive.
    I presume you intended to leave the sugar Syrup for winter.

    I also presume you checked and do not have any Queen cells? at this time of the year the likely event is to swarm. look at the bottom of all the boxes, no need to remove frames, if they want to swarm it will be evident.

    I made several assumptions, so I could be way off



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