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    I am a new bee keeper and am super excited about my new hive. I used to work bees with my grandfather when I was a kids and am finally getting back into it with my kids. I live in South Louisiana and saw this morning a few black bees on my corn. I have never seen a solid black bee and I am positive that they were bees. Same shape, a little bit bigger than my italians and they had pollen baskets on their hind legs full of pollen. Does anyone have any idea what they are? Are these german black bees? I had no idea there were jet black bees. I'll try to get a picture next time I see them.

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    caucasian Apis Mellifera Caucasica

    Or Black Bee Apis mellifera mellifera

    Here are some other pictures that might help:

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    Welcome to Beesource, Scooter.

    While anecdotal in nature, I often hear beekeepers in the Southeast talk about German Black Bees.

    We know they were once introduced to this area, so it's probably not too far of a stretch to expect that some of these genetics are still being expressed in local populations.

    One bit of caution- color in-and-of itself (particularly in a single specimen) is not proof-positive of genetic heritage.

    Best of luck to you with your beekeeping efforts this year.

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    If you can catch one or see its wing veins you can determine if it is a honey bee, see this pic taken by Rusty Burlew of Honey Bee Suite
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    I saw the black bees again today. Here is a picture I grabbed.
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