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    My remark was sarcasm aimed at c-bees and his latent aggression.

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    I have dozens of hives, and every year there are a couple that are hot and I would never want them 8 feet from my house. As it is, I would put a veil on to mow anywhere near them, especially during dearth, etc...But in any case, I'm a beekeeper and it would be my choice to do so.

    To even THINK about putting my bees 100 feet away from my house but 8 feet from yours is me telling you, a non-beekeeper who has expressed unhappiness with the situation, "You have no choice, you and any pets/children/guests you may have, WILL mow/play/socialize a few feet from my bees." That's insane.

    Is the guy running Russians? I have some Russians that will light your ass up if you run a mower 8 feet from them in July/August. Or if they go queenless. Is this an area that might get Africanized bees taking over? Who knows.

    I can think of a lot of reasons why this is extremely disrespectful at the least, and a hostile move at worst.
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    Is this pissing match really necessary? Frankly, I find it unproductive and even mentioning insecticides abominable. May I suggest the two of you let it go and walk away?

    As for advice to the OP, they have already taken the first step by talking to the neighbour, who has apparently not cooperated. I would suggest next bringing in an expert, someone from a local beekeeping club, for example. Have them reason with the neighbour. Then, if still uncooperative, check local ordinances and contact the authorities who enforce them. However, before all that, give consideration to the problem. Have the bees been a nuisance, or is it just that they are there? Is it worth getting into a battle with the neighbour, or can it be lived with? Finally, what kind of neighbour is this? If he is vindictive and retaliatory it could get rather ugly. Are you willing to take that path? Whatever decision you make, take the high road and keep it legal. Who knows, this may be a new hobby for him, and if it's not what he expected, or fails, he may give it up and it will all be moot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ymir View Post
    He said that by the fence was the most viable location for the hives (adequate sunlight, eastward facing) and the most convenient for us (fence diverts bees upward, bushes on our side provide additional barrier). He added that the other optimal location would have placed the hives a few feet from our front door. When I suggested a location by his own back patio, he responded that it was too shady.

    One thing about the current location: the hives don’t get any sun till the afternoon, and then it’s from the west, opposite of the hive entrances. I thought I had read that morning light is best for bees.

    In the end, he refused to move the hives, but said if the bees start bothering us, he’d rotate the hive entrances away from the fence. Up to this point, with the exception of a few isolated stragglers, the bees have respected the property line.
    thanks for the update, sounds like he "knows it all" so smart he thinks he is doing this for the bees, really that close to your door is somewhat passive aggressive IMO.

    Let it go see what happens, if he is "new" to keeping he may just mite out.


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