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    I am planning to use Apivar strip at one hive that was affected most last fall.

    If I use this brood frames lets say next year for honey, after few months, will that be ok?

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    You put the strips in for 42 days and the object is for them to be on brood frames. At the end of 42 days the time release is used up. Using them for honey after that is legal but I avoid extracting brood frames myself because of the small black specks of layered cocoons that are hard to get out of the honey.

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    I do not know the answer to your question. I can only tell you that I do not do it. Once exposed to Apivar, the frame is marked and I do not ever extract it again. There is no science behind my choice to do this. Just abundance of caution.

    This is a link to a synopsis of a 2013 study by Jeff Pettis of USDA lab in Beltsville, MD https://www.veto-pharma.com/index.ph..._attachment=44

    Note that this study does not address your specific question. It shows no significant contamination of honey SUPERS when SUPERS were added 14 days after removal of strips from the BROOD boxes (as recommended on label). It does not speak to extracting honey stored in a frame that was directly exposed to Apivar in the brood nest the prior season.

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    even though every one say's there is no residue, I remember reading about a commercial beek that had his entire load rejected because the test came back with whatever chemical is in the strips, and he said it probably was because he had extracted a bunch of frames from the brood chambers.
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