6 frames of brood
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    Default 6 frames of brood

    My strongest hive that survived happens to have 6 frames of brood. They are very vibrant and collect a lot of pollen. Maybe because they are facing south.

    They still have like 4 frames of honey, but I was wondering if the weather worsens for few days will that be enough for them to survive.

    Also, what are some of first honeys they could possibly collect? Did anyone ever collected maple honey?

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    Default Re: 6 frames of brood

    If they have that much Brood you need to put on another box now.
    1 frame of capped brood can become as much as 3 frames of bees when the emerge.
    So 3 frames of capped brood could become 9 frames of bees (another box).

    Ideally you want to put on a box of drawn comb, but if you have only foundation then you may want to give Opening the Sides of the Broodnest a go.

    They should be able to survive several days of bad weather with 4 frames of honey/nectar.

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    Default Re: 6 frames of brood

    That's great that you looked at their honey reserves. I take it that is the brood in the top box, and honey in the top box, of a 2-box Langstroth Deep setup?

    Keep in mind those 6 frames of brood become 12 frames covered with bees. If the bottom box also has enough bees in it that most of the space is occupied... and you're about to add 12 frames of bees in the next couple weeks... that's too crowded!

    My "rules" for adding supers this time of year are:
    1. Winter boxes at least 80%+ full of bees
    2. I have drawn comb for a super
    3. 2-4 frames of honey up top and 3-4 frames of brood

    So if you have supers without drawn comb, this is not going to get drawn out this time of year - but it is still somewhere for the bees to hang out.

    Maples can produce enough nectar for a small honey crop is what I've heard, but keep in mind that the bees first feed the babies, and that is where most nectar will be going right now. And keep in mind us northerners are looking at a return to winter this week. But you will get honey by mid May in a super you put on soon.


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