Feeding-When to stop??
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    Default Feeding-When to stop??

    When feeding do you keep giving them sugar syrup until they stop taking it or should I stop sooner?


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    Default Re: Feeding-When to stop??

    Generally I find they will stop once they have better choices outside. So, once I start, I continue until they stop.
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    Default Re: Feeding-When to stop??

    Feeding if you can get sugar right now should depend on your reason for doing it. If you are feeding to stimulate colony growth, stop when bees are working on the outermost frames. Bees will sometimes plug their hivebodies with syrup leaving no place to lay. If you just want to ensure the bees do not starve, a good rule of thumb I use is feed anytime a colony does not have two frames of stored honey or syrup. Bottom line is you need to be a bee keeper and that implies pulling frames and knowing what goes on in your colony.

    If you are drawing foundation, I would feed until your hive body/s are drawn them quit and put on a super for honey storage. Welcome and it is easier to advise you if we know if you are keeping bees in the southern land of perpetual flowers or in the frozen north. Beekeeping is local! Try to find a local bee club or an old beekeeper that always has honey to sell and better yet has bees to sell. His advise will be better than a lot on the internet.


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