Cold Virus 'Cures'. What works for you?
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    Default Cold Virus 'Cures'. What works for you?

    With the recent Corona virus craze, I thought I'd ask people here what they do to prevent colds and other viral infections, and whether you think your home remedies really work or just make you feel better because you are doing something.

    Covid-19 is basically a cold virus, in most ways not much different from all the other corona-viruses that cause 30% of the common colds. So if something works to stop a cold, it might help with this too.

    What I do: Take a really hot bath, while drinking hot drinks. The idea is to cause a fever (pseudo-fever) which helps the body fight infection, while avoiding the nasty side effects of a fever like muscle aches. Stay in the bath long enough to break a heavy sweat, then hop out, dry off and immediately go to bed under heavy blankets. Stay really warm and sleep as long as you can. I wish I had a sauna at at home. Used to use a sauna for this.
    Effective? I think so. It seems to nip colds right in the bud.

    Next, sip hot tea. I usually add fresh ginger, sometimes cloves or other spices, and sometimes honey.
    Effective? Maybe. At least it seems to help symptoms like sore throat.

    Next, a few times in my life, when much younger and dumber, I went drinking when I had a bad cold, got seriously drunk on hard liquor, rum or tequila, and woke up the next morning with no cold. Not advising this method! But I wonder if anyone else has had this experience. Of note, this did NOT seem to work with beer. Historically, a lot of OTC cold remedies had a lot of alcohol in them.

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    Default Re: Cold Virus 'Cures'. What works for you?

    The only thing that works for me is time. Honey, lemon with a shot of whisky makes me feel better until the cold is gone.

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    Default Re: Cold Virus 'Cures'. What works for you?

    First thing in the morning, gargle with warm water with salt. Have a cup of hot coffee or warm milk for breakfast and in between honey and lemon.

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    Default Re: Cold Virus 'Cures'. What works for you?

    Daily glass of water with 1/8-1/4 teaspoon of propolis-alchohol tincture mixed in.
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