Quick question about candy board reserves
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    Default Quick question about candy board reserves

    I still have my candy boards on my hives. I have noticed that the bees have eaten through a portion of the front of the board but 75% of the board still remains in tact (viewing from the top). Since the temps are warming up the bees will move to the remainder of the candy board if they need food correct? I have read about bees dying of starvation because they wouldn't move out of cluster far enough to tap into honey reserves. I am assuming this is only during the frigid cold of winter. Night temps here are 40s with the occasional dip into the 30s or upper 20s. I haven't opened the hive up in about a week due to a lot of rain in the area. They have made it this far through winter, I would love to see them make it all the way!

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    Default Re: Quick question about candy board reserves

    You should be alright, even at 30 or so they shouldn’t be clustered too badly from the accumulated warmth during the day The long term forecast for the midwest is above average for at least two weeks and April is looking good too.
    What about turning the candy board 180 degrees?

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    Default Re: Quick question about candy board reserves

    Quite a few of my colonies are up in the candy boards or sugar on the top bars. As long as they have a food source I would not disturb them, they will figure it out. More bees are killed by well intentioned bee keepers than other factors. One of our club members and a newbie has insisted on micro-managing his two hives. Well he started digging in them as soon as he saw them going on cleansing flights, figuring it is warm enough. No surprise that my phone has been blowing up with his texts asking why the one crashed.


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