Greetings, all. I am relatively new to beekeeping, and have a problem. I had a tree fall on a top bar hive during a wind storm late last year. The hive was on a stand, and is now sitting at about a 45 degree angle, with one side on the ground, and the other still on the stand. I cleared the tree out of the way, and the bees are still in the hive. It was a strong hive, at least 1/2 full of comb before this happened. I'm sure the combs are stuck together in a mess. Any suggestions about salvaging it? I have another unoccupied hive of the same design very close by, if I could figure a good was to transfer them. I was thinking about trying to lift up the down side to level the downed hive, to see if I could work it. I was also considering removing the hive from the remaining stand, and setting it up temporarily next to the other hive to try to transfer them. Any suggestions are appreciated!