My First Long Lang
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    Default My First Long Lang

    My son bought this box at an auction a few years ago for $2......he used it for a halloween (coffin). He wanted to get rid of it, so I took it for a storage box. It's very well built & sturdy.

    I decided to make a long hive out it, and so this is how it turned out. I added a piece of fiberglass on the lid to make it rain resistant and a few rails inside to hold the frames etc. There is a divider in the center so I can keep two colonies in it, but trying one for the first year.

    I caught a small'ish swarm late last summer and dumped them it and fed them until it got cold. Instead of an inner cover, I decided to use plexiglass pieces so I could view what's going on inside without disturbing them.....the plexiglass is removable in 10" sections. During the winter I cover the plexi with insulation to help retain the heat. Pix were taken on a day about 35. They're not real active, but still moving.

    I'll try to add pix, but no guarantee.....

    Crud...the pix are sideways.
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    Default Re: My First Long Lang

    Wow, very cool. Keep us posted on how it goes, and, how much honey you get. I saw, somewhere on beesource, where someone said you don't get much honey from a Long Lan.
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