Bees swarmed no queen found
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    Default Bees swarmed no queen found

    I have two hives that swarmed. They had queen cells that hatched. I got into them today and I didn't see the queen or any new eggs. It seems like the workers are not back filling the brood box with honey. How long should I wait to see what happens. It is probably been about a 1.5 weeks. I have some other swarms that I have caught with a laying queen should I try newspaper combining them or just wait it out? This is my second year.

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    Default Re: Bees swarmed no queen found

    If the weather is good check for brood in 18 to 22 days. If you have cold, cloudy or windy weather add another 7 days.
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    You’d be better off to just sit tight and let them take care of it. If it has been 1.5 weeks since the virgin queen(s) emerged, then your new queen should be laying within a few days, typically see eggs at two weeks from emergence. Sometimes bad weather can prolong the mating process. Introducing an older mated queen to the party at this point is likely going to turn out bad.


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