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    I would be concerned running two queens about space. Would be nice and crowded though.
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    The dblnuc draws comb fast, and brood factory. Love them.
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    If this your first attempt at queen rearing I’m guessing you have a small operation.

    I use a triple stack of 5 frame nucs with a cloake board to raise queens. It does not take the resources that a separate starter box needs. Usually a strong nuc stack doesn’t even need more brood added to start. When not raising queens use the stack as a brood factory.

    Don’ t be concerned that you aren’t experienced in grafting yet.. try to graft a dozen on a bar and you might only get 4 or 6 the first time.. Use those and try again. With a small operation most don’t need to be raising more than 6 or 8 queen cells at a time as they won’t have the resources to make up that many mating nucs.

    With a triple stack of 5 frame boxes it’s easy to pull some of the top box frames when you are ready to use them in mating nucs. 5 frame nucs do work for mating by adding dummy frames on the outside to get the bee space down to 3 frames. After they get mated you can add brood from your brood factory stack.

    Next spring keep your strongest overwintered nuc in a stack and start the process over again.

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