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    Good evening everybody.

    After a false start a few years ago I'm now embarking on this new chapter full force.

    I received my introduction to beekeeping when I was stationed with the Royal Green Jackets in Berlin in 1963. Actually, one of my tutors at Cambridge had mentioned how rewarding he found it but I was in no position to pursue it as a student. When I was in Hungary a few years later as a minor diplomat I became friendly with a fellow who used bees as a cover to transport all sorts of contraband about the country. Again, I was unable to pursue it.

    I made a disastrous attempt in the 1980s when I was teaching back home in Wales. I mistakenly assumed that this would be a much more relaxing pursuit than my previous career and that I would have ample time to take up what seemed a very curious hobby. The National Curriculum soon saw to that!

    It never completely fell from my mind though. When I finally retired from teaching I invested in some equipment to start on a small scale. Fate again stepped in as I agreed to commute to Brussels (Belgium) fairly regularly to assist an old school friend of mine in dealing with some of the implications of Brexit.

    Well now here I am, ready and willing to learn. Any tips you can give will be received most gratefully!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogerlewis View Post
    Well now here I am, ready and willing to learn. Any tips you can give will be received most gratefully!
    Welcome to Beesource, Roger. I encourage you to avail yourselves of the threads, particularly the 'Bee Forum' and the 'Beekeeping 101' forums for interesting, engaging and diverse beekeeping topics.

    Don't be afraid to ask questions- I have found there are many helpful and experienced folks on here who are very generous with their time and experience.

    Best of success in your current pursuit of beekeeping. Maybe this is the season in life that affords you the pleasure of working with bees.

    Ecclesiastes 11:4

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    Default Re: Hello from Wales

    Welcome Roger; what an innovative idea transporting contraband with bee hives! It is relaxing, but these honey bees are complicated; always learning something. Enjoy it.
    Proverbs 16:24

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    Default Re: Hello from Wales

    Welcomed and good luck!

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    Welcome, I found a guy on You Tube from Wales https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu8...405_QPjPlGs87A love his accent, he's got some win a mentor contest or something going on.
    NCSBA Certified Beekeeper - my Youtube Vlog

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    Welcome Roger. Nice introduction. J


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