Pollen quality f1 hybrid perennials vs open pollinated
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    Default Pollen quality f1 hybrid perennials vs open pollinated

    Interested in the highest nutritional value for my bees. Considering planting a few F1 hybrid perennials or sacrificing newer attributes and planting the open pollinated variety of the same plant from seed. Searching BeeSource. Any thoughts or references? No pollen is a no go. But wondering if all F1's are alike in nutritional value to bees.
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    Default Re: Pollen quality f1 hybrid perennials vs open pollinated

    I can offer this little bit. Each fall I plant broccoli,harvest the large primary head and let the small side heads go to open flowers for the bees. This is a good pollen source during winter here. I plant whatever hybrid is available,as plants, from Walmart and Di Chicco,an open pollinated variety I grow from seed. The bees do not touch the hybrid variety and cover the open pollinated one. Neither a scientific nor a large study but it tells me a little bit. Maybe this hybrid doesn't even have pollen.
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