Can I use honey?
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    Quick question...I recently lost my bees over the winter. I believe it had to do with very cold temps and boxes that had large gaps. That situation has been rectified. There is plenty of honey in the hive, and there was no evidence of any disease. Can I take this honey out and use it safely (for human consumption)? I imagine if it is capped it is fine, but wanted to make sure. Thanks!

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    Can you tell us where you are located? I’m wondering why you overwintered in boxes like this and rectified it after they were dead.
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    Default Re: Can I use honey?

    Yes, the honey should be fine. J

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    But it would be a pain to extract. I would use it for new hives. Besides how did you treat for mites? The number one killer of hives

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    If th honey has not been poisoned with treatments, you could test a little bit to see whether or not it was crystallized. If so, feed it back to the bees this year and use it when they have it reconstituted and it has been capped. If not, give it the sniff test and it may be good. Go easy at first. Sometimes there are natural yeasts present and you have mead in a comb.

    Of note, the honey buried in the pyramids at Giza were good to eat 3,000 years later.


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