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+1 exactly. as well move 5 miles one way or another and other blooms come into play Real data will be more valuable that the books and papers one reads.
The 5 miles thing is so true. We have a friend in town that always wants a hive in the yard to pollinate fruit trees. It's in town and I dont want to be dealing with one that needs intensive management at that location, so every spring our weakest hive out of winter goes there in a single box. By May it will usually need some swarm management, which we accomplish by taking queen and a couple frames of brood away, just leave them to make a new queen. They get a second box of new frames at some point, and by the end of the summer they always have a top box stuffed with honey. Most years it needs a super over and above the deep box of new frames they draw and fill.

As the crow flies, that colony is only 6km from our yard here at the house, but, it's a totally different world for the bees. No summer dearth and they just thrive. But here at the house, if we didn't move them out to the fireweed patch, they would need to be fed thru August or they starve.