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    Migratory pallets. How are the second deeps secured to prevent shifting during transport? Hive staples seem to be the answer. But strapping has to play a role.

    Just for ease of moving around my property and areas I have access too I am going to migratory pallets. Cost and a bunch of other stuff come into it. But transport and wintering play a role as well.

    I have the equipment to move it already. Truck and trailer to haul it. Just wondering how to do it safely, load shifting and all.

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    They stay together because they are usually stuck together. However standard four way pallets use a "U" or "W" clip to mate two hives side by side and are handled and hauled "sideways" with entrances facing left and right as opposed to front and back on the truck. This means uniformly stacked pallets can be securely strapped front to back on the flatbed with virtually no shifting or danger of lids blowing off.
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    with a 6 Way pallet.

    Steel/plastic Banding, or a rope/strap around the hive and pallet holds them all quite well,if the bees have not already had the chance to secure the boxes with wax/propolis.



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