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    I have some Deeps to sale but really have no idea what the value is.
    Good solid wooden deeps with wood frames and drawn plasticell full of honey. Value ?
    Good solid wooden deeps with wood frames and nice clean drawn out plasticell. Value ?
    I wanna downsize some and go to mediums and shallows due to back issues.

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    This question comes up from time to time here on Beesource. To some, used hive equipment is worthless.as there is no way to assure that AFB spores or even EFB is not present. To some hobbyists, the boxes with the Plasticell frames could be worth $20-25. There is no value to the honey other than it's weight as sugar since a prospective buyer could not sell it but must feed it back to the bees. Look on Craigslist to see what used stuff is selling for in your area.and price your equipment accordingly.
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    Literally cut your losses. Run both boxes and frames thru a tablesaw to make them mediums. Hopefully you are far enough north you can cut the frames when they are frozen hard. Use your oldest table saw! If the frames are well drawn, they will hang together nicely and you can feed the scraps come spring.

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    Ok so buy a package put them in your 10 frame hives and then sell the whole thing, top , hive frames, bees as a working unit.
    Use the funds to start over with 8 frame gear or NUCs or what ever you wish. Used empty have little value, due to the unknown potential issues.
    If a NUC is priced at 140 to 160 I would think you can get the same for a "10frame NUC" use the honey to start a package.
    If you have a saw and the time one can also cut them down.

    Ok Sorry using the edit to say the cost of the package may impact your sell price.

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    If you are going to cut down frames, make sure that they don't have any wire in them. I do understand that the OP has plasticell...
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