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    My hive suffered some pretty intense robbing from some wasps and I am concerned that they aren't going to make it.

    I have confirmed the queen is alive, but the cluster is pretty small. I have downsized them to one 10-frame deep that has 7 or so frames of capped honey.

    What can I do to help them make it through the winter?

    I am in a sort of mild climate in the California foothills where the lows will likely be in the teens occasionally, but will often be in the low 30s throughout this winter.

    Highs will range from 40s-60s on most days.

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    Treat it for varroa mites with a product such as Apivar, because Apivar is not temperature dependent and is easy on the bees.

    If i go to a bee yard and see a hive being robbed by wasps, almost invariably that hive will be high in varroa mites.
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    Agree. Wasps attack weak hives. You have something, most likely varroa, causing the weakness and the wasps simply took advantage of it. You may also want to place a few yellowjacket traps around. They often get into my hivetop feeders and drown by the hundreds, but the bees don't let them into the hives.
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    Thankfully, the bees are smarter than I am. They are doing well, in spite of my efforts to help them.


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