We have had a lot of people asking about bulk honey for 2020 so I am going to post it here.
Not sure who all looks here but here we go. Also can email us at [email protected] or www.HoneyHiveFarms.com
Ok not sure on delivery in March 2020 but most likely we will deliver honey before bee packages, again not sure.
Honey Hive Farms sends out honey almost everyday so we can ship it to you. Single 60 lb buckets free shipping $210 each. Pallets of 15 or more buckets are $185 each, call us first to work out the details.
Sorry we do not know, a lot of people have us deliver bees for them and we haul over 3000 packages so it may be a little tight.
Thank you for all the emails asking and your business.
Looking forward to working with you all in 2020 and on.