Sting kills H Bees?
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    Default Sting kills H Bees?

    We know that a HB will die when it stings a human. But what about others that it stings? Does the HB die when it stings those as well such as a mouse, skunk .... Your source for the ProVap 110
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    Default Re: Sting kills H Bees?

    If the stinger pulls out, it will die.

    My puppy got curious a few weeks ago when bees were flying and got a sting on his nose. Stinger pulled out.

    He ate the bee.

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    Default Re: Sting kills H Bees?

    The stinger usually gets stuck when they sting a mammal and the bee dies. When they sting other insects like other bees, the stinger may or may not get stuck depending on where they sting and how deep the stinger penetrates. I have watched bees sting each other in my observation hive and sometimes they can repeatedly sting other times they get stuck the first time.

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    Default Re: Sting kills H Bees?

    It's the elasticity of the skin that causes it to catch and pull out. When they sting other insects it usually doesn't get caught but as ffrtsaxk said, sometimes they do. But mammals all have that elasticity so it usually gets caught.
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