BioVar varroa mite treatment
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    Default BioVar varroa mite treatment

    Anyone tried this, does it work or is it another snake oil?
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    Default Re: BioVar varroa mite treatment

    According to the the video, they are still in the process of getting EPA registration and the product does not appear to be available to the general public. However they do ask for folks interested to consider making a donation. Hmmm.

    Do want to point out that the manufacturer is Strong Labs, the makers of Super DFM which is sold by Mann Lake. Maybe they are onto something?
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    Default Re: BioVar varroa mite treatment

    Could only find one study published 2013.
    It sounds like a lot of work.In the study they removed frames from hive and sprayed each side with the diluted fungal spores.

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    Default Re: BioVar varroa mite treatment

    I am ALL for donating on a problem that work great or even halfway decent on Varroa. However, all that video did was leave me with more questions than answers.

    We still don't even know if their probiotics work well at this point. Some say they do, but just as many or more say it is like setting a pile of money on fire.
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