Thank God thatís over- kids are flying
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    Default Thank God thatís over- kids are flying

    Between 12-15 inches of snow and some sub zero nights. Mid 40ís this week. Two things- How are you fairing? My 5 came through. For Peteís sake the Russians think its spring. If there is pollen anywhere this group will find it. 2) are you planning on your winter OAV soon?
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    Default Re: Thank God thatís over- kids are flying

    Yup, the Thanksgiving week was pretty cold (fortunately we had no snow). Yesterday my bees (Carniolan) were flying and some foragers brought back small amounts of pollen. They are still ditching a few white pupae once in a while, so Iíll wait for a week or two to do my first winter OAV.
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    Default Re: Thank God thatís over- kids are flying

    no big deal, pretty much the norm here in Oregon, our local bred survivor bees fly at 35F here. today they are hiding, they don't like the fog, or the temp inversions we get. plus this late fall it's been a bit warmer than usual. we've haven't lost a colony or nuc in the last 3 yrs. 100% survival. just keep an eye on their feed come january, that's when people here start losing colonies to starvation.

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    Default Re: Thank God thatís over- kids are flying

    We got somewhere around 8" in this last storm, made it up to 28F today and after I cleared the snow I look out and find that God has been taking his pepper shaker to the snowbanks. Haven't detected any dead colonies yet, even a small 4 frame colony I predict will not make it, but might as well let em try is chugging along.
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