Varroa and EFB
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Thread: Varroa and EFB

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    I was reading an ABJ article last night from several months back where the writer stated that varroa had spread EFB to some hives he/she was inspecting.

    Most literature I have read speaks of varroa serving as a vector of viruses. While I understand that you can make a logical conclusion that varroa could also spread bacterial diseases, is there scientific study that conclusively establishes that varroa, in fact, serves to vector bacteria infections too?

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    Default Re: Varroa and EFB

    Kanbar, G., and Engels, W. (2003). Ultrastructure and bacterial infection of wounds in honey bee (Apis mellifera) pupae punctured by Varroa mites. Parasitology Research 90: 349-354.


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