recommendations for winter wrap
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    Question recommendations for winter wrap

    Well, lucky me, my first year with bees going into some cold weather!

    What do people recommend for wrapping boxes for insulation?
    My grandfather and great-uncle kept bees and my fiancée's grandfather, too. I want to pass this tradition along.

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    Default Re: recommendations for winter wrap

    In your southern winter, I might recommend wrapping in black tar paper to get a little solar gain. I would think moisture is your greatest problem. Some mountain camp sugar on the top bars would absorb that moisture and provide supplemental feed. I really hate starvation. Sure the bees will haul some of it away but I doubt it will seriously impact your bottom line.

    My only winter opening/vent is a one inch hole bored right below the handhold on the uppermost hive bodies. Bees are masters of HVAC and a single opening is what they naturally choose. Good luck.


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