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    from our newsletter
    Laser for mites
    Don't throw away your mite shakers yet!

    The brain child of Hailey Scofield, former student of Heather Mattila, Combplex uses laser technology to zap phoretic mites. While the prototype has weight and temperature sensors too, the battery powered laser directs its multi-angle beams at mites on the bees when they pass through a round opening in the corner of the frame. Field studies are planned for 2020. This unique approach shows great promise but the unit will undergo refinement and adjustments which takes time and money. A Grow-NY 3rd tier winner (250,000.00) The frame initially will cost 995.00. Each laser pack (40.00) is good for about 1000 zaps.
    Some beekeepers are hoping for an entrance reducer type laser to prevent the influx of varroa entering hives in the Fall, which many hives experience.
    Link to Podcast by Kim Flottum.
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    $1000 to kill one mite every other day? $5.50 per mite per year. For $1000, I can treat 80 hives with Apivar.

    I am not criticizing the idea, but that price point eliminates my participation. Maybe when they develop a little more they will improve manufacturing and bring that cost significantly lower. Initially, it looks like a high-end, boutique beekeeping item. I hope it works and I will be following them.

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    SueBee referred to the website but I ran-across it this evening and thought I'd share if any were interested in seeing images and descriptions of the technology:
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    Not posting this to knock the idea that some sort of electronic gadget might be able to control varroa but I’m far from convinced that this is workable. I would question their claim of a 90% detection rate of varroa on bees as I believe most phoretic varroa tend to burrow in between the body segments of bees to escape bees grooming tendencies and that this might just further select for those tendencies. I’ve come to the conclusion that varroa are pretty stealthy and when you begin to see them, you’ve already got a serious problem.
    Had to chuckle at their use of the mythical and unproven quote of Albert Einstein as a lead in to their website. I guess when it’s repeated often enough it gets generally accepted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jim lyon View Post
    Had to chuckle at their use of the mythical and unproven quote of Albert Einstein as a lead in to their website.
    I noticed that too, and it doesn't reflect well on their understanding of honey bees. Maybe your post here will tip them off and they'll find a new quote.

    I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for now, and hope their tests yield good results. If the testing is a bust, then the product goes away. If the testing shows mites are well-controlled by the zapper, then maybe there's something to it. I'm skeptical, but at the same time I think the beekeeping community should be supportive of people like them who are at least looking for solutions to our problems.

    As for the price, most new products are going to be off-the-charts expensive at first. It just reflects the cost of R&D, designing, tooling, and marketing a new widget. So I won't knock them on price--fact is they'll probably be selling at a loss for a while (assuming the product even comes to market).

    EDIT: The most frustrating thing about all of this to me was that it took 30 minutes before the podcast even told us what the product was. I'm a fairly new subscriber to that particular podcast, but I won't be for long if that's how they run every show.

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