I realize that I am being compulsive and have to allow for flexibility, but I am planning for the packages that I will receive next year for installation in my two top bar hives and wondered if the following early schedule is reasonable:

Day 1 install bees and feed 1:1
Day 3 quickly check and replace feeders if necessary
Day 6 quickly check and replace feeders if necessary
Day 10 quickly check and replace feeders if necessary. Also, release queen if not released already. I am following the advice from Harry Vanderpool found in the queen rearing forum to delay checking on queen release until day 10..
Day 15 check for eggs and larvae

Beyond feedback on the above general schedule, I do have two specific questions:

A. If I follow the 10 day queen release schedule mentioned above, when would I check for early cross combing? Advice seems to be check and correct early but this may be in contradiction to advice on delay queen checking until day 10.

B. When would be the optimal time to do a one-time OA dribble? My understanding is best to apply when broodless, but if I do the dribble while the queen is caged will that raise potential queen acceptance issues?

Please note that the hives do not have observation windows.

Many thanks!