Mann Lake EZ-Fill vs. Rotary Table Filler - Ease of use for older child?
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    Default Mann Lake EZ-Fill vs. Rotary Table Filler - Ease of use for older child?

    Hello forum members! I'm hoping for some insight into the ease of use for a 9 year old child between the two fillers mentioned in the subject line...we're also considering the Lega rotary tabletop filler as the second consideration. It's may be slightly overkill for the volume that we may be doing initially but he will be selling the honey with 100% of the profits going to homeless charities. Our first bottlings will result in a drum worth of honey being packaged. I'm envisioning us setting the machine up, being there with him to help but also making sure this is definitely something where he is doing the work. The semi-auto filler is more about consistency and ease of use than about throughput...but also allowing for scalability if/when this charity project we're doing grows. It's also about speed (school, sports, etc. for my son). I know there may be cheaper ways to get it done but I'm pretty firm on making this a relatively automated process for filling. Down the road help may be recruited from a local MRDD care facility where residents may be involved in filling honey jars but also with supervision as well.

    From what I can gather it looks like the rotary style filler may take a lot more "user interpretation" whereas the EZ-Filler maybe more intuitive for my son and others down the road (place jar under spout, hit button, fill jar, put lid on it all again). Any thoughts and opinions between the two options are much appreciated! In my experience, more moving parts and automation is going to translate to more learning curve and difficulty potentially but I've been wrong many time before, haha (ask my wife for proof).

    I'm the owner of a larger meadery so I definitely have some familiarity with bottling lines, etc. so no worries getting things dialed in...more just about ease of use once you're "live" and filling jars. A few years ago, when my son was 7, he became really upset around the holidays regarding homelessness. This is a slow burn project that's finally getting legs and we're getting lots of awesome help from suppliers for the project. I think it will definitely be something where he can learn multiple lessons on this, we're pretty excited as is he.

    Thanks all!
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    Default Re: Mann Lake EZ-Fill vs. Rotary Table Filler - Ease of use for older child?

    I have no advice to offer, but wanted to say that I wish you well in your endeavor. The change in your child will be worth every bit as much as any realized benefit to the homeless. Best to you.


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