ap23 and candyboards
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    Default ap23 and candyboards

    getting ready to make candyboards for overwinter . i use 15 lb sugar, 3 lb white corn syrup, 1 qt water and half teaspoon cream of tartar. i have dry ap 23 feed and was wondering if it would do any good to add some to the recipe and if so, how much would you add?

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    Default Re: ap23 and candyboards

    Adding dry pollen sub to the candy boards will accomplish 2 things: 1. help bees raise brood. 2. Give small hive beetles a place to reproduce. I don't add it because there are lots of small hive beetles here. Also, I know cream of tartar has been used for many years, but if memory serves me correctly, research has shown that it has harmful effects on bees.


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