Carl Killion's Honey in the Comb
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    Default Carl Killion's Honey in the Comb

    "This book is a result of a lifetime study of the equipment and practices for the production of fine comb honey. It is also the purpose of this book to encourage only the finest quality of comb honey to be offered to our markets."--Carl Killion

    This is a hard to find book due mostly to the fact that the stock of books that existed were mostly destroyed in a flood and it was never republished. later a revised version was done by Carl's son Eugene which is also a nice book, but it is also a very different book. This is the orignal by Carl. Even if you don't want to do basswood sections, the wisdom here applies to any kind of comb honey including Ross Rounds and cut comb. Even if you don't want to get deep into doing comb honey, doing this on a small scale will teach you a lot about bees that you otherwise might not realize. And even if you don't apply what is in this book, it will have some insights about bees and their behavior that you may not have heard before.

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    Default Re: Carl Killion's Honey in the Comb

    I'm amazed at how often he refers to CC Miller which I will have to pull back out and reread.

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    Default Re: Carl Killion's Honey in the Comb

    I consider Carl Killion's book together with Taylor's The Comb Honey Book, the two must have books for those interested in or wanting to produce comb honey.
    Lloyd Spear

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