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Thread: lizards!

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    Hi, all,

    I found a couple of lizards under the lid tonight!
    FYI, not a langstroth hive, its a deep horizontal hive, with a tin sheet on top of the top bars and a piece of plywood on top of that.

    Here's a thermal image of the top bars without the tin sheet or plywood. I figure the lizards like the warmth.

    My grandfather and great-uncle kept bees and my fiancée's grandfather, too. I want to pass this tradition along.

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    I know you've posted this a while back, I have anole lizards on just about every hive I keep. They may catch a few bees but not enough to hurt. I think they catch a lot of ants and probably wax moths that are spending time under the hive tops or on the side of the hive. I just have to be careful not to mash the lizards when I'm removing the tops for inspections. I think they like the warmth from the bees too.
    "Sometimes the best action, with bees, is no action at all."

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    I had some hives near a small stream. I would often find green tree frogs under the lid edges. I was already a little anxious of the bees, I'd nearly have a heart attack when one of these frogs jumped as I opening the hives.
    I have no idea if they ever ate any bees, but I was hopeful they would eat moths. They sure didn't make any impact on the small hive beetles.Tree frog.jpg

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    I have six hives. All six seem to have a resident lizard (or two). I have watched them but have never seen one snatch a bee. I'm hoping they snatch SHB's.


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