Soybean meal in pollen patties
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    Default Soybean meal in pollen patties

    I have a chance to get some soybean meal, and was just wanting to know if it can bee added to a pollen patty using ultra bee, or would that be a bad ideal

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    Default Re: Soybean meal in pollen patties

    I used to feed full fat soy flour and the bees didn't seem any worse for it. If I were doing it I would want to mix it 50/50 with pollen if at all possible. But some seem to think soy flour isn't very good. I figured it was better than sawdust... and that's what the bees were collecting.
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    Default Re: Soybean meal in pollen patties

    On the other hand sawdust might indeed be better. Something stuck in my mind about soybean trypsin inhibitor so I did a search and saw enough to make me suspicious. Someone above my pay grade should look this over and see if there indeed is need for caution.

    If this does not hyperlink type into a google search

    Bees and soybean trypsin inhibitors


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