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    I live in Indiana and have a November 22 presentation. I would love to be able to take in an observation hive or something similar for this presentation. I do not have a current or permanent observation hive set up. Realistically I am only looking to bring in a few frames with bees for this presentation. To me the main challenge with trying to set up or bring an observation hive in, is the time of year. November temps here usually hover in the upper 40s to mid 50s. I am not sure if it would be wise to risk removing frames from a hive. Does anyone have a suggestion so that I might be able to take a hive in for this presentation? Thanks!!

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    In those temperatures you could with care, remove a suitable comb with bees to put in an observation hive for a day. You would want to push the remaining combs together so there is not a gap in the hive, then open the gap again when you replace the comb the next day.

    The bigger question in my view, is what will the temperature be in the room you are doing your presentation. You need it warm enough so the bees will not be trying to cluster and look rather boring, but you want them active so people can see them doing their thing, and look into brood cells etc. (if you have available brood).
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    I did one in January with just a frame of capped comb and some bees. Most people really want to see the queen when you take an observation hive, but I wouldn't risk that in late Nov in Indiana. (I'd do it in a heartbeat here in coastal VA with one of my small nucs though)


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