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    Default Fall Help Texas Coastal area

    If you are in this zone let me ask your opinion. I am back new to beekeeping and this is my second fall. (I had the same set up 2 and 2 for bees in the old days for 30 + years where you left them alone and robbed them one time a year.) I got bees in the late 50's) Yes I am getting old and the deeps seem to be getting a LOT heavier.

    I run two hives with 2- 10 deeps and two med suppers.
    What is your fall set up? Just two deeps or do you leave one or two supers in place?

    I have problems but good ones. I have 4 med supers full plus 12 deep frames of honey I moved up top in late August for being honey bound.

    Because of some problems ( my screw ups) I dropped 12 deep frames of foundation when I was honey bound and about 9 frames of new medium frames. I have no idea if these have been pulled or just left as foundation?

    I guess the question is what to do. I plan to rearrange the boxes and add the deeps so that I have at least 10 deeps of honey. I will find out today exactly what I have.

    I know I have a lot of bees and not sure they will all fit in just two deeps and thought about leaving a med super for them to work on if the deeps are full plus have the room for all the bees.

    I know most of the country is winterizing but we really do not get a lot of winter just north of Houston. Here we have a cold day 35-45 then it warms back up to 65-80+ depending on how often the northers blow thru. We have a strong south wind that flips to a rainy windy north day then it clears cold for a day or two then goes back to a southern breeze every three to 6 days.

    I have to get this done today so your opinion is appreciated and cannot decide what is the best for the bees other than me doing a better job managing them next year. I agree with JW (My hives are doing good in spite of my good intentions and help.)

    Thanks, JimD

    After the bees clean up the frames what have you found is the best way to store any extra boxes and frames that have been pulled to keep the bugs out over the winter?

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    Hi Jim - I’m just north of you in Nacogdoches. I’ve currently got mine supered up to catch some goldenrod nectar. You should have goldenrod down there as well. It will usually stop about the first frost, or around the end of October give or take.

    I usually store in my barn by stacking 3 high, then a piece of paper on top of the third one’s frames and moth crystals on top of the paper. Then you can stack another 3 on top of that with a board on top as a lid. You have to check about once a month to see if the moth crystals have dwindled. Something like this:

    Top board (or makeshift plywood lid)
    Moth crystals (2 tbs)
    Index card or paper
    Moth crystals (2 tbs)
    Index card or paper
    Flat Floor

    Hope this helps!


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    Default Re: Fall Help Texas Coastal area

    My bee history parallels yours, I live in Houston but keep my 2 hives about 100 miles west of here. Been adequate or too much moisture here but a drought where my bees are located. I have only kept 2 two deeps through the winter with no problems. It's been said that we we don't have a winter here, only summer and not-summer. I find it easier to feed if needed late winter without supers.

    I don't have anything against crystals, probably more efficient for a larger scale. I have used BT Xantari spraying the frames after clean up with success. You can buy it through this site. Maybe someone can be more explicit on who sells it.


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