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    Quote Originally Posted by johno View Post
    Sorry that did not work out to well https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full...9.2015.1106777
    Thanks johno; That was a good long read. My feeling is that their research methodology was top notch. Their final conclusion leaves little doubt that there is considerable advantage to the sublimation method. I have done many high repetitions at close intervals without observing any mortality but would be very reluctant to bodily spray the bees with the liquid at cold temperatures and having them ingest a fair bit of it in the process of getting their affairs back in order. Probably more than a bit of my own emotion in that vision but I am sold on the vaporizers.

    In the experiment they give the application time factor using a tray/wand appliance and it took a bit longer than for dribbling. With the band heater external source device that difference would be far in the other direction!

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    Quote Originally Posted by beebad View Post
    that article was written in 2015. i will read it When I get back to the office to hard to read it on my phone has anyone done the dribble method when it’s cold outside
    See my reply to your question on another thread. I have been dribbling for 10 or 12 years.
    May your bees read the same books as you do

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